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Secure Wiping
When you decide to upgrade your computers, what do you do with your old machines? We hear newspaper stories everyday of personal information being retrieved from old computers. BBC's "Real Story" recently highlighted this practice when 17 hard drives where purchased in Nigeria at just £15 each. The BBC was then able to trace all 17 original owners, and uncovered bank account details and other personal documents.

What information is held on your computers? Financial accounts, employee details, customer information, company secrets, marketing strategies? The list goes on, but one thing is for sure; you do not want this information falling into the wrong hands.

We can securely wipe any media item submitted to us. This means it will be wiped to a level where it is impossible to retrieve data from it in the future and we issue a certificate stating this. We will also dispose of any unwanted hardware in compliance with UK WEEE Regulations.

There are software programs you can buy to erase data, but are you sure they have cleaned everything? Could you have made a mistake when you used it? We are experts at recovering lost and hidden data, so when we wipe something we are confident no one else will find it.

If your data is important to you, it could be even more important to somebody else!

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