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Search Orders

Search Orders (previously known as Anton Pillar Orders) are a powerful tool when dealing with any litigation where dishonesty is suspected. The order is that the defendant must permit the supervising solicitor, the claimants solicitor and other listed people into named offices, houses and vehicles for the purpose of search and seizure. This includes copying electronic data from computers, mobile phones and other digital devices.

CFA have assisted many law firms in this capacity, from single dwellings, to multiple offices containing hundreds of computers.

We can capture data from all types of storage device, quickly and efficiently, preserving the integrity of the data in accordance with the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Guidelines.

For the best results we would recommend that you consult with one of our Investigation Managers at an early stage, preferably at the draft stages of the order. We can give FREE advice at this stage which can prevent the common problems which may not be evident to someone unfamilar with computer based evidence.


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