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Mobile Phone Forensics

The average person in the UK now uses 1.8 mobile telephones, or similar devices*, and it is expected that this will soon increase to 2 phones per person. More than 80 billion text messages are sent each year in the UK alone, and the number of emails sent using mobile devices is fast catching up. As mobile communications become more and more important to companies and individuals, the once basic, mobile phone now stores a persons most valuable data and is a computer in its own right.

Using the latest tools and technologies, our highly experienced technicians can recover and analyse this information in the same way that we can with other digital devices, providing details of:

Address book
Text messages
Email messages
Call history (received, dialled, missed calls) including length of call, dates and times
Deleted text Messages
Deleted email messages
Audio recordings
Video recordings
Pictures and images
Internet usage
Files stored on the device (ie, MS Word documents, PDF's)
Phone details (IMEI / ESN, phone number)

This data is extracted using evidentially sound forensic methods and uses industry standard MD5 and SHA256 hash algorithms to ensure data integrity. We are able to analyse almost any mobile device in use today, including Blackberry's, iPhones and other PDA's**.

Data can be analysed from all wireless network providers and technologies such as CDMA, GSM, IDEN, and TDMA. We can also extract data from the Sim card, the internal memory, or any other memory card present in the device.

* Daily Telegraph December 2008
** Please call to determine what data can be retrieved from a device


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