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Litigation Support

We understand the requirements and the challenges involved in complex litigation cases. Our methodology and software has been developed based on many years of experience working with specialist litigation lawyers. We offer a unique combination of technical support and investigation skills.

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Litigation Support

The paperless office is becoming more and more popular, but the average case will still have vast amounts of paper documents that need to be reviewed.

Why photocopy on-site only to have to photocopy it all again back at your office? No matter how good, photocopiers jam, break and over heat.

Why transport and store masses of paper documents?

Why spend hours reading over the same documents?

Why risk missing vital information?

Turn paper documents into easily manageable electronic files

BIP0008, BIP0009 & BIP0010 compliant - which covers all electronically stored information under the Civil Evidence and Criminal Justice Acts and fulfils the requirements of Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise and Companies House.

And of course it's better for the environment!







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