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Less than 15 years ago, electronic data was only really ever used as evidence in criminal cases. These days almost every business relies on their computer system. Over 95% of all correspondence is now sent by email and the solution to any dispute is likely to reside on a computer.
Whether it is a multi-million pound fraud, a contract dispute, exploitation of intellectual property, an employment issue or a matrimonial matter; somewhere, there will be key evidence on a computer.
Whether you need an investigation into the authenticity of a document, evidence to prove an email message was sent or to establish guilt or innocence, our experienced investigators can help your case.
You may need to disclose electronic documents, or require assistance with a Search Order. This year alone we have been involved with cases in the following areas: shipping, employment, healthcare, energy, media, telecommunications, IP, banking, regulatory, transport, IT, tax, insolvency and private client work.

We are approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board to deliver CPD training in computer forensics and e-Disclosure.

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