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Computer Forensics For Business Users

When any company encounters a workplace dispute, breach of information security or allegation of computer crime the truth behind that incident will almost certainly be buried on a computer somewhere. Most disputes or incidents relate to the fact of whether something was said or not, agreed or not or whether they carried out an act or not.

In addition to this is the constant threat of crime from within your organisation, theft of a valuable database, fraudulent accounting, abusive emails, etc. Throw in the time wasted on humourous emails, online shopping, surfing the web and chatting with friends and every company is going to suffer some kind of incident relating to their computers which is going to cost them money at some time.



Computer forensics for business

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is, without any question, the core of nearly every business. The vast majority of office based work is completed on a computer. The vast majority of modern business communications are through computer email or message boards. Those letters and memos that are not, are created on a computer. Whatever work you do on a computer will leave some form of trace or record of the fact.
We understand that carrying out such an investigation after an incident can be expensive, and therefore offer a number of ways in which you can manage this risk cost effectively.
Why wait until it's too late? Contact us now and find out how you can protect your company from the threat of computer misuse.
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